Pawsibilities Vet Med

Pawsibilities Vet Med is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are a community of veterinary professionals creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive veterinary profession by supporting individuals from historically underrepresented communities at all points in their career journey.


Access to higher education and resources have been limited for individuals from historically underrepresented and marginalized communities. Pawsibilities Vet Med removes barriers and provides a path forward in the veterinary profession by providing mentoring and professional development opportunities as well as resources. We support individuals who identify within a sociological category that is discriminated against and whose advancement in the profession has historically been disproportionately impacted. This includes gender, race, ethnicity, geographic, socioeconomic, religion, disability status and educational disadvantage.

  • Individuals from non-Caucasian race and ethnic backgrounds such as Hispanic/Latinos, African Americans, Native Americans, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders, and those of two or more races
  • Individuals who come from a family with an annual income below established low-income thresholds
  • Romantic minorities
  • Individuals with disabilities

Did you know?

Non-Hispanic Caucasians currently make up 89% of the veterinary profession? Demographic data shows that only four percent of veterinarians are Asian, only three percent are Hispanic, and only two percent are African American/Black!

In 2020, 76% of veterinary students were Caucasian, 3% African American/ black, 5.5% Asian and 7.5% Latinx/ Hispanic (American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges, 2020).

In terms of applicants, the AAVMC reports that in 2016 78% of applicants were Caucasian, 4.4% were African American/black, 7.6% were Asian and 10.7% were Hispanic. In 2020, 75% of applicants were Caucasian, 3.4% were African American/black, 3.7% were Asian and 10.4% were Hispanic. While this shows some improvement from the profession's current demographics, it is not reflective of society at large. Additionally, retaining students and young veterinarians from underrepresented backgrounds will be critical to making progress.

Pawsibilities Vet Med’s online community is a safe place for individuals from underrepresented communities to have one on one support, resources to advance their pre-vet and veterinary education and careers and for communities to come together to exchange ideas and move forward a culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Pawsibilities Vet Med is fueling a pipeline with veterinary professionals and experts from multiple roles in the field to educate, encourage and support individuals from underrepresented communities to pursue a career in veterinary medicine by providing a safe space for:

  • one on one mentoring
  • resources to advance veterinary careers
  • encouraging exchange of ideas

Join Us!

We are open to individuals 13 years and older who currently are, or want to explore careers as veterinarians, veterinary technicians, managers, mental health professionals.

Who is Pawsibilities for?

Our purpose is to support individuals from all walks of life, particularly those from groups that have been traditionally underserved, marginalized, and underrepresented. We also rely on the help of allies to support our community.

Pawsibilities Vet Med is for pre-veterinary and pre-veterinary technician individuals, current veterinary students and veterinary technician students, as well as veterinary technicians, and veterinarians from underrepresented backgrounds, based on disability status, ethnicity, gender, non-traditional path, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, and veteran status.

Because everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to offer, we encourage allies in the veterinary field to sign up as mentors.

Core Values

  • Leadership
  • Community
  • Inclusion
  • Service


A robust and thriving community that fuels an inclusive veterinary profession which mirrors the diversity of society.


To diversify all roles within the veterinary profession by providing mentorship, professional development, and resources to all intersecting identities including but not limited to ability, ethnicity, gender identity, non-traditional paths, race*, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, religion, and veteran status.


We try to have at least one educational or networking event each month. We ask that you attend at least two educational events per year. Examples of past events include:

  • A 5-Step Formula for Creating a Life and Veterinary Career You Love
  • Pawsibilities DEI & Mentorship Training
  • Cultivating and Leading a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Culture in Vet Med
  • Support Networks 101: How to Create a Robust Wellbeing Army for Veterinary Success
  • Changing Careers in Veterinary Medicine
  • Navigating Pre-Veterinary Medicine Workshop

“Through The Lens Series”

 A 4-panel series event to hear from veterinarians and veterinary technicians of different racial/ethnic groups on their experiences and journeys in the profession.

Visit our Eventbrite page to see all our upcoming and past events